The way to be the strong
about Common Rail System

2018 Developing medium level Air Cleaner for workshop
Acquiring KC certification on the air cleaner
2017 Developing Browny – Eco-friendly Hard carbon remover system
Acquiring KC certification on Browny
Acquiring venture certification
2016 Developing Auto Pulse 1000N
Acquiring KC certification on AP1000N
Developing Xpert mini version
2014 Developing Xpert – injector and HP pump test bench
Establishing SUNGWOO Technology Co., Ltd.
2013 Developing Auto Pulse 1000
Acquiring KC certification
2012 Developing and supplying controller of injector test bench
2011 Start rebuilding injectors and HP pumps
Developing CRS-680 and PC S/W for injector test bench
Developing Auto Pulse 200
Corporate conversion to Atron Co., Ltd.
Developing multi-analyzer
Developing Power-Light
Developing Car-Manager-Multi with ultrasound system
Developing Car-Manager with ultrasound system
Establishing InterMediaTech